We offer technical audit services which are performed by highly-qualified and certified auditors (inspectors) who care about the highest quality of the product and appropriate relationship between client and manufacturer (supplier) of the equipment.

Our specialists have appropriate certificates and experience in the application of European, Russian (GOST) and other standards.

The scope of our services:

We perform comprehensive inspection of projects, particularly controlling:

Welding technology of steel constructions

Welding processes

MES calculations

We check and evaluate the material which is used in the production under a given project.

We evaluate production facilities in terms of:

Objects used in the production process

Product quality

Production capacity

The policy of quality control department

commitment of the staff to maintaining quality of the production and / or quality control

We monitor the compliance of the production process with the production schedule.

We perform quality controls during the production process in accordance with a given project for:

High-resistance steel (powered roof support)

Hydraulic legs

Other hydraulic equipment


Armoured conveyors

Other mining equipment

We perform testing according to the requirements and standards of the client, i.e.:

Measurement of protective coating thickness (after chrome plating, painting)

Measurement of hardness after heat treatment

Measurement of protective coating roughness (after chrome plating)

Testing of welds with VT, MT, UT, RT methods

We perform tests in an independent research laboratory and load tests at the test stand for the testing of the prototypes of powered roof supports. We perform compliance and compatibility tests (mini-face) of the longwall equipment as well.

We provide expertise during the warranty period.

Our specialists have appropriate certificates and experience in the practical application of European, Russian (GOST) and other standards.

To sum up, we provide comprehensive services starting from the design review and ending on the expert evaluation during the warranty period.

Ensuring impartiality and professionalism, Technical Audit company cares for its clients and provides them with the most efficient quality control services.

Thanks to our audits and the reporting system, the expected level of quality in projects realization is fulfilled, and the deadline for delivery is met.

Under our inspection the manufactured equipment / systems achieve the required quality and service life.